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FREE Blog Setup Offer With 20 Links and 10 Posts

Update: This was just a April Fool joke and a few people did notice the April1specialoffer email address and the date of the post. The offer is to good to be true. However you can continue reading the blog and pick up some good tips on blogging or get your own blog setup at a nominal fee.

Breaking News: We will setup ONE blog FREE for you along with 20 PageRank 5 and 6 links and 10 posts if you are quick to act – hurry, this offer is valid only for 1 day. Send your request here. All the blogs we setup include special settings for improving the search engine rankings and user response rate.

Note: Don’t forget to include your favorite domain name. We are including the domain name booking for 1 year and 50 MB hosting with every blog you order. Offer valid for only 1 day – so you better hurry!

Resources for Corporate Bloggers

Marketing Pilgrim recently published a post listing several guides and resources for corporate bloggers. Once we have installed your blog, you are recommended to refer to this list and pick up tips about getting more out of your blog.

Recent research by JupiterResearch has revealed that 70% of the corporate companies will have a blog by the end of 2007. How about you? Will you get a blog and start tapping into the power of the blogosphere or dare to stay behind and regret later? It is easy to get a blog installed.

Michel Fortin Offers Tips on ‘How to make money with blogs’

Michel Fortin made a great post on ‘How to make money with blogs‘, wherein he has summarized some cool ideas about making money with blogs. Here are some of the highlights and take-ways:

  • Don’t blog for money, make money with blogs (go figure)!
  • Anyone can blog and anyone can make money with a blog.
  • Virtually any site can be turned into a blog.

I quote a para from this post which I really loved:

Because the beauty of this process is that people can get a taste of who you are and what you offer (and how people react to you, based on their comments as well as their thoughts expounded on social networking sites when your blog is dugged or’ed), which builds awareness, trust, credibility and, above all, relationships with your subscribers.

Read Michel’s full post here and check out the 7 methods you can make money blogging.

P.S. Michel also uses the Semiologic blogging system 🙂

Add Your Blog to This Squidoo Page: Get FREE Publicity

You might know that I maintain a blogging page on Squidoo, where I discuss stuff about blogging. Squidoo is a prominent Web 2.0 type site and is considered an authority by the leading search engines. That makes a link from a Squidoo page very valuable for the search engine rankings of your blog. Here’s how it will help you…

If you maintain a cool blog on a topic (no casino, drugs, pharmacy, porn, hate stuff please – that will be deleted soon enough), I invite you to add your blog to the list at the bottom of my Rentablogger Squidoo page and get a valuable one-way link to your blog. Once you have submitted your blog, do not forget to vote on your link to make it move higher.

A more popular page will add more value to your link, so you should rate that page by clicking on 4 or 5 stars at the top and by submitting your comments in the feedback section. You are not strictly required to link to the above site, though a link back will be highly appreciated.

To Follow Or Not To Follow

Michel Fortin recently reactivated the old argument on whether to have the "nofollow" tag on the comments, which is the default setting with Wordpress blogs. He has switched to "dofollow", which will pass the Google PageRank to the commentor’s website. This plugin comes built in with the Semiologic blogging system.

I sincerely hope this invites more people to make quality comments on his posts as they are rewarded to make a good post. Spammers beware – he is also using plugins which zap the spam comments even before he gets to see those.

My recommendation:

  1. You must use an anti-spam plugin like Akismet, which stops the spam posts in their tracks and does not even send them for your approval. Otherwise you will get sick soon and end up shutting down the comments feature which will also stop the flow of user comments and feedback – pretty much un-web 2.0 like.
  2. You can consider activating the dofollow plugin if you want to reward those who comment actively and provide feedback.

Semiologic Blogging System – Want A Better Blog?

If you are looking to setup a Wordpress based blog or already have one, check out the Semiologic Blogging system. It has the Wordpress engine but includes several enhancements- a very flexible theme, lots of useful plugins built-in and a highly SEO friendly structure.

I also offer the Semiologic blogging system with an added bonus:
2 hours of customization service free of cost along with a free installation on one domain. Write to me at arun AT ebizindia DOT com with [Rentablogger] in the subject.

Business Blogging Fast Start Kit

I just released a fast start kit for those considering to set up blogs to promote their businesses. It is a quick read at 2 pages, FREE of cost and does not even require you to subscribe to anything. All I request is – please add a comment to this post whether you like it or dislike it and tell me your frank opinion about the guide.

Get it here –
Business Blogging Fast Start Kit (PDF format, right click and choose Save-as).

Promoting Your blog With Long Tail Keywords

A popular question that I frequently receive is – “how do I make my blog popular and get in the top rankings“? The quick answer is – blog about long tail keywords related to your industry. Let me explain…

Say your blog is about “making money”. First you should carry out a research about the variations and expansions on this term. Sites like Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery and even Google Adwords keyword tool are good places for this. Or you can try software like Adwords Analyzer. You will see that terms like “making money with investments” are fairly popular.

Now you should search for these terms on Internet and collect some useful information that can be used for “making money with investments”. Look for sites that give excellent advice, look for useful guides on the subject, look for forums that offer interaction facility to the members and so on. Now make a summary of all this information in your post with your unique touch.

You should try to link to your main (sales) web site at least once and include the long tail term in the anchor text of the link. There should be at least one more link – this links to the particular page on your main site that discusses the exact topic that you are writing about or to a similar page.

A few such posts and you can quickly start to climb up the rankings chart. However you need to be careful and not exactly reproduce the contents of another site (avoid plagiarism).

Launching a Product? Did You Set Up a JV Blog?

A very useful technique for JV success being employed today is a Joint Venture (JV) Blog. This is a password protected blog accessible only to approved affiliates and is very useful to keep the partners updated on the progress of the pre-launch and then launch.

You can post the various promotion techniques that you recommend to inspire your partners. Similarly you can post special offers and incentives as well as details of the affiliate contests here. This allows to post very frequent updates and alter the launch process in response to the affiliates’ needs and requests.

The partners can comment on the various aspects and provide suggestions through the comments option and you can alter the sales pitch of the upcoming site in response to the issues raised.

If you are going to launch a product and not sure how to set up and manage a JV blog, get in touch with the blog setup experts and we will help you handle an important weapon of your arsenal effectively.