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Product Launch Success Fuelled by Blogs

Launching a product? Get a blog setup and build the pre-launch buzz by giving teaser information about the upcoming launch.

You can release spy photos of your product, discuss some of the features that people can expect to see and tell who all are going to benefit with this product and why. You should direct the interested visitors to sign-up for your pre-release notification list so that they can get an email when the product is available for buying.

The prospects can also comment on your blog entries and ask questions – this will build greater momentum and also alert you to some of the doubts that may be lingering in their mind. You can then effectively tackle these issues in your sales copy to increase the response rate.

Wondering how to setup a blog? We offer blog setup services here.

Long Tail Marketing – Chris Anderson Interviewed by Ken Evoy

“The long tail” (marketing with long keywords like “how blogs can improve my traffic”) attracts highly motivated and seriously interested prospects to your site and you might concentrate on the long tail form of marketing, specially if you do not have the means to fight for the ‘most popular’ terms.

The new book by Chris Anderson dwells on the concepts of “long tail marketing” – considered to be ‘the hot topic’ for 2006 – and its rewards. Ken Evoy, president of Sitesell, developers of Site Build It, brings out interesting aspects of this well-known but less-used form of dominating several small islands in this interview with Chris Anderson. If you have not mastered this form of promotion, you are leaving dollars on the table! Listen to the interview here.

Blogs can help you market for “long tail terms” very easily. Just pick up an exact topic (very small aspect, a small niche) related to your product and write a blog post about that. Then cover another aspect in your next blog post. These posts have a high chance of ranking very high because of the tightly focussed content. Don’t know how to setup your blog or need a poster? Explore our RentABlogger service here.

When Did You Last Update Your Website?

Updating a website is a cumbersome job unless you have a full fledged Internet division. And most small to medium level companies cannot afford one. However we all know that it is essential to update the site regularly to —

* attract repeat human visitors

* appeal to the search engines

Here is an ideal solution for the Small and Medium Businesses:

1. Get a blog setup in a section of your website, say at

2. Post news about all the developments, big or small, in your company and the industry, on the blog. Add some commentary or your views about the external events.

Soon you will find that you are developing a loyal readership and your customers, prospects, investors and shareholders have started to watch your blog for updates.

Are blogs easy to operate?

Yes, it is quite easy to post to a blog. All the related tables of content get updated automatically without you needing to bother about any technical issues.

Benefits of blogging:

* You can disseminate information about your company in a way that is favorable to your company.

* You can collect feedback from the people by looking at their comments on your posts.

* Improve branding by the extra exposure.

There are a few drawbacks too:

* You will have to keep the blog updated. The best solution is to assign the update responsibility to a knowledgeable person at a fairly senior level.

* Your competitors may try to sabotage your blog by posting negative comments. You can filter out the obviously spurious ones and respond to the genuine comments to set the record straight.

If you have got all fired up but not sure who will help you set up and manage the blog, I can help. Read the details about our blog setup service here.

PRWEB and Blogs – How Blogs Can Benefit from Press Releases of Others

Here is an interesting idea from a tip offered by Dave McInnis of PRWEB–

Locate a press release on PRWEB that is relevant to the subject of your blog and comment on this release on your blog. Then setup a trackback to the release.

If you make an interesting comment and have a decent blog (spam blogs will not benefit from this most of the time), the press release owner may approve your trackback which will appear as a comment on his release. This trackback can setup a cool incoming link to your blog. These trackback links are not set as ‘nofollow’ at the time of writing this post.

Warning: Do not use this to to spam PRWEB as that will result in everyone losing the benefit.

Introducing Blog Setup Service

While we have been silently installing blogs for our clients, we are ready for officially launching our blog setup service. We offer 3 different packages —

1. Set up a basic blog based on WordPress with a standard theme. We do several small enhancements through the admin panel for a fairly SEO compatible blog. We will also add your Adsense code if you give us your publisher ID.

Your investment for this service is a low one-time fee of $25. You will need to give us the FTP access to the area where the blog will reside. If you want to try out blogging or simply create a blog for posting articles and tid-bits for a regular Adsense income, this is your BEST deal – super low investment.


2. Integrated blog setup includes integrating the blog with your web site look and feel (whether you are hosting the blog on a different URL or This way the progression from the site to the blog seems natural and also adds to your branding.

Your investment for this service is a low one-time fee of $200.


3. Advanced blog setup includes integrated blog setup plus blog promotion – we submit your blog to several (about 50 but depends on the subject) blog and RSS feed directories. We add your blog to our MyYahoo and MyMSN accounts also. We also give you links from several of our websites with a fairly good PageRank (some have PR5, some have PR4 etc).
We add your blog to Technorati and some other blog search engines.

This way your blog gets spidered very quickly and gets a good link popularity – it may start ranking on several terms even. Best deal

Your investment for this service is a low one-time fee of $400.

Just email me at arun AT ebizindia DOT com with RentABlogger in the subject and we can get started right away.

Press Equalizer Helps To Popularize Your Blog

When you have a blog, you need to make it popular so that more people know about it and visit your blog to read what you have to say about your chosen subject. Press releases are one of the most cost-efficient ways to spread the word and get bursts of traffic and lots of one way links from respectable sites resulting in sustained long term traffic also.

However most of us find that writing a press release is not easy, with the strict format requirement. Once you have the release written, you need to distribute this effectively so that good sites will pick up your release. That again seems to be an uphill task. Not any more…

Press Equalizer makes the whole process of writing the release and distributing it effectively, easy and quick. You get to fill up a few short forms and your release is ready. This software even includes several press release templates that you can adapt for your application – helping you to overcome the writer’s block that you may have when starting to write your release on a blank paper (or screen).

The inbuilt list of popular online press release sites comes in very handy and you just need to follow short and simple instructions to distribute your release. The result?

You may get in the Google news, Yahoo news and several such popular news sites within minutes of your release being online. Sometimes, your release gets at the top of the regular search results also (even though for a few days only) above the #1 result. Now beat that.

So if you want to tell the world when you have posted a great tip or covered some popular event related to your subject or industry, go ahead and issue a press release too. You can use Press Equalizer software or if you are feeling adventurous and want to do it yourself, check out Press Release Fire for some great tips about press releases.

What is a blog?

A blog is a mixture of what is happening in a person’s life and what is happening on the Web. People maintained blogs long before the term was introduced, but the trend gained momentum with the introduction of automated published systems, most notably
Thousands of people use its services to simplify and accelerate the publishing process.
Blogs are also called web logs or weblogs. However, “blog” seems less likely to cause confusion, as “web log” can also mean a server’s log files.
With the introduction of Wordpress, the process of setting up blogs became even more popular, with people now being able to make the blog a part of their existing website.
Sometimes, setting up a Wordpress blog and customizing it to make it look like the existing website can be difficult job.
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