Launching a Product? Did You Set Up a JV Blog?

A very useful technique for JV success being employed today is a Joint Venture (JV) Blog. This is a password protected blog accessible only to approved affiliates and is very useful to keep the partners updated on the progress of the pre-launch and then launch.

You can post the various promotion techniques that you recommend to inspire your partners. Similarly you can post special offers and incentives as well as details of the affiliate contests here. This allows to post very frequent updates and alter the launch process in response to the affiliates’ needs and requests.

The partners can comment on the various aspects and provide suggestions through the comments option and you can alter the sales pitch of the upcoming site in response to the issues raised.

If you are going to launch a product and not sure how to set up and manage a JV blog, get in touch with the blog setup experts and we will help you handle an important weapon of your arsenal effectively.