Promoting Your blog With Long Tail Keywords

A popular question that I frequently receive is – “how do I make my blog popular and get in the top rankings“? The quick answer is – blog about long tail keywords related to your industry. Let me explain…

Say your blog is about “making money”. First you should carry out a research about the variations and expansions on this term. Sites like Wordtracker, Keyword Discovery and even Google Adwords keyword tool are good places for this. Or you can try software like Adwords Analyzer. You will see that terms like “making money with investments” are fairly popular.

Now you should search for these terms on Internet and collect some useful information that can be used for “making money with investments”. Look for sites that give excellent advice, look for useful guides on the subject, look for forums that offer interaction facility to the members and so on. Now make a summary of all this information in your post with your unique touch.

You should try to link to your main (sales) web site at least once and include the long tail term in the anchor text of the link. There should be at least one more link – this links to the particular page on your main site that discusses the exact topic that you are writing about or to a similar page.

A few such posts and you can quickly start to climb up the rankings chart. However you need to be careful and not exactly reproduce the contents of another site (avoid plagiarism).