To Follow Or Not To Follow

Michel Fortin recently reactivated the old argument on whether to have the "nofollow" tag on the comments, which is the default setting with WordPress blogs. He has switched to "dofollow", which will pass the Google PageRank to the commentor’s website. This plugin comes built in with the Semiologic blogging system.

I sincerely hope this invites more people to make quality comments on his posts as they are rewarded to make a good post. Spammers beware – he is also using plugins which zap the spam comments even before he gets to see those.

My recommendation:

  1. You must use an anti-spam plugin like Akismet, which stops the spam posts in their tracks and does not even send them for your approval. Otherwise you will get sick soon and end up shutting down the comments feature which will also stop the flow of user comments and feedback – pretty much un-web 2.0 like.
  2. You can consider activating the dofollow plugin if you want to reward those who comment actively and provide feedback.