Add Your Blog to This Squidoo Page: Get FREE Publicity

You might know that I maintain a blogging page on Squidoo, where I discuss stuff about blogging. Squidoo is a prominent Web 2.0 type site and is considered an authority by the leading search engines. That makes a link from a Squidoo page very valuable for the search engine rankings of your blog. Here’s how it will help you…

If you maintain a cool blog on a topic (no casino, drugs, pharmacy, porn, hate stuff please – that will be deleted soon enough), I invite you to add your blog to the list at the bottom of my Rentablogger Squidoo page and get a valuable one-way link to your blog. Once you have submitted your blog, do not forget to vote on your link to make it move higher.

A more popular page will add more value to your link, so you should rate that page by clicking on 4 or 5 stars at the top and by submitting your comments in the feedback section. You are not strictly required to link to the above site, though a link back will be highly appreciated.

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