Michel Fortin Offers Tips on ‘How to make money with blogs’

Michel Fortin made a great post on ‘How to make money with blogs‘, wherein he has summarized some cool ideas about making money with blogs. Here are some of the highlights and take-ways:

  • Don’t blog for money, make money with blogs (go figure)!
  • Anyone can blog and anyone can make money with a blog.
  • Virtually any site can be turned into a blog.

I quote a para from this post which I really loved:

Because the beauty of this process is that people can get a taste of who you are and what you offer (and how people react to you, based on their comments as well as their thoughts expounded on social networking sites when your blog is dugged or del.icio.us’ed), which builds awareness, trust, credibility and, above all, relationships with your subscribers.

Read Michel’s full post here and check out the 7 methods you can make money blogging.

P.S. Michel also uses the Semiologic blogging system 🙂