How To Add Blogrush To A Wordpress Blog

If you want to add Blogrush to your Wordpress or Semiologic blog and enjoy all the FREE traffic this will bring, please follow the simple instructions here. I am assuming the you have hosted the Wordpress or Semiologic blog on your own doman in the home directory at or or something similar.

1. Visit the Blogrush site and register for a FREE account.

2. Once you have logged in, click on the Get Code button.

3. You will get some Javascript code. It will look like this:

<script type="text/javascript"><!–
blogrush_feed = "13565253";
<script type="text/javascript"

4. Click on the code on the Blogrush site (similar to the code displayed above – DO NOT select this code or I will get the credit) to select it. Copy it to the clipboard by pressing ctrl-C or right click and then choose Copy.

5. Now login to your Wordpress blog. After logging in, click on the Presentation menu and then Widgets under that.

6. You will see a sidebar and a few widgets listed there. Drag and drop the Text1 widget from the bottom pool into the sidebar (any one sidebar if you have multiple sidebars).

7. Now click on the small picture on the Text1 widget. This will make the whole screen gray and a small window pops up. Paste the code you had copied above by pressing ctrl-V or right click and then choose Paste.

8. Click anywhere outside of the text box and you will see the button labeled Save Changes. Click on this button to save your changes.

9. At the top, you will see the blog name and a link in brackets (view site). Click on this to see the Blogrush widget displayed on your site with some posts from other sites.

Bingo! You have done it.

Want Your Blog Featured on Other Blogs? Try Blogrush

John Reese, the master marketer and the guy who had the first of the famous million-dollar launches, has introduced a novel shared blog promotion concept – the Blogrush. This is very simple to implement (I took 1 minute to sign-up to Blogrush and 1 minute to add the Blogrush widget to this blog). Based on the erstwhile ad exchange concept but relying on content exchange instead of ads, this is set to create a big flutter in the blogosphere. Specially with the clout that John Reese enjoys.

Read the full details about Blogrush and then sign-up. It is going to be huge!