Creating a Resume? Why not create a blog instead?

I came across this interesting concept while going through the new book by David Meerman ScottThe New Rules of Viral Marketing. While most of the job seekers are writing the resumes where they are talking about what degrees thay have, the recruiters are looking for real world experiences, domain expertise and are analysing how you can help their organisation.

If you setup a blog where you share your experiences with handling complicated situations, demanding customers, technical challenges and whatever else that matters for your position, your prospective employers will definitely treat you in an entirely different way. You will quickly stand out from the crowd with the polished resumes. Yes, you need to have your resume too but include the vital details and refer prominently to your blog – and see the jobs rain on you. Stop looking for that job and start posting on your blog. The jobs will start looking for you!

If you are at a loss about how to setup that blog, you can contact Rentablogger, the blog setup professionals.

2 thoughts on “Creating a Resume? Why not create a blog instead?”

  1. Hi Arun,

    Right on target!

    Blogs can be used in several ways. It only depends on your creativity as how you can make this powerful social media work for you.


  2. Hi Arun,

    You are correct. Actually I never thought about it.

    There might be a ‘few’ people who are already doing this. If people happen to read your Blog this number will surely increase.

    Now, I know of 1 more way, to look for “Senior” employees for my organisation 🙂


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