Blogging by Email

So you don’t want to login to your blog’s admin panel and create a new blog post? And you don’t want to bother with uploading images and linking to them? You will take none of the nonsense related to embedding YouTube videos in your posts? Not even thinking of multiple images and image galleries and all that techno-geek stuff?

Have heart. You can still blog – just by sending an email. Here’s how:

Just send an email to [email protected]. Put your headline in the subject and write whatever you want to post, in the body. Want to embed a YouTube video. Just include a link. Need to include images? Attach them. PDF, Word, MP3 – all accepted. Send and your post is done. How’s that for ease?

Check out my blog. Put a comment if you like the idea and free reports. Subscribe by RSS and you will be informed the moment I make the next post. Enjoy! Life is simple. So is blogging – by email.