Blogging Tips for Better Search Engine Ranking

Do you want your blog to rank higher in the search engines? Did I hear a loud ‘Yes, of course!’?

While we all understand that posting regularly with quality and unique content is the most vital thing you can do to get better search engine rankings, here are a few more tips to improve your results:

  • Link 1-2 times to your money pages (main site, sales pages) with keyword-rich anchor text. Vary the anchor text – don’t use the same text always.
  • Link to other posts in the blog. This increases the number of incoming links to those pages and improves their ranking potential.
  • The links should be included in the main content. Sidebar links carry less weight.
  • Use the main keyword at the beginning of the post title and a variation near the end.
  • For longer posts, use H2 and H3 tags in the sub-headings to break up the posts.
  • Have a juicy introduction para that draws a causal visitor in to the post.
  • Have a nice summary as the last para with a powerful call to action, sending the visitor to the main sales page.
  • Keep your blog software updated. The new versions include features for better SEO, while providing more security against hackers.

These quick-to-implement tips will definitely give your rankings a nice boost. Please share your experience with other fellow readers.