Site Search Can Give Vital Clues To Customer Needs

Are you tracking the terms that people are searching for, using the site search option of your website? These can give vital clues to the keywords that you are not targeting clearly on your home page.

Say I have a blog that talks about my web design service. Now if I discover that lots of people are searching for ‘prices’ through the site search option, I will get a signal that lots of people are interested to know what kind of prices I charge. If I make this aspect of my service clearer on my home page, I will be able to retain and may be convert more of my visitors into prospects.

Track site search with Google AnalyticsAn easy way to track this statistic is through Google Analytics. Yu should edit the site profile option and activate the site search option as shown in the picture here. Click on the ‘Do track the site search’ option and then enter ‘s’ in the query string parameter. Save the settings and Google Analytics will now start tracking the site searches for your blog.