Blog Setup Service – Get High Traffic Through Frequent Updates!

Why do you need a blog?

Do you need traffic? Do you want to generate new traffic all the time or want your visitors to visit you again and again? Do you know what makes them visit again? Why would YOU visit some site again?

Yes, you are right. You will like to visit a site again only if you knew there has been new content. Who wants to revisit a site that has not had its content updated in ages.

But isn’t it too much hassle updating your main site all the time? Yes, you do have some new developments to share or may be, you want to talk about some features in a new perspective. You may have a new case study. But if you edit the main page, the effective sales letter may get disturbed. And that is the last thing on your mind.

Why don’t you setup a blog on your site at say, ? This will let you make new announcements, present new case studies, talk about some unexplored features and discuss how to use your product for maximum benefit. All of these will improve your response by convincing the prospects of the great value you deliver – without disturbing your sales letter.

And the search engines will also love your site because its content is always fresh – regularly updated unlike other stale sites.

But my site does not relate to Internet Marketing!

I understand what you are thinking. Your site does not need to be in the Internet marketing field. In fact, it could relate to an industrial chemical or cotton linens or home improvement – anything. You need the extra traffic and the improvement in their response rate anyway.

So, whom to assign the blog setup?

Well, if you are technically minded and don’t bother about getting your hands dirty and can read up all about blogs and optimizing them for the best response from the visitors and search engines alike, you are the best person.

If you would rather assign this to other experts, we may be the best choice. While we have been silently installing blogs for our clients, we have now officially launched our professional blog setup service.

We offer 3 different packages –

1. Set up a basic blog based on WordPress with a standard theme. We configure the right side bar (or where-ever it is) with XML button, “Add to MyYahoo” and “Add to MyMSN” links and several small enhancements through the admin panel. We will also add your Adsense code if you give us your publisher ID.

Your investment for this service is a low one-time fee of $100. You will need to give us the FTP access to the area where the blog will reside.

2. Integrated blog setup includes integrating the blog with your web site look and feel (whether you are hosting the blog on a different URL or This way the progression from the site to the blog seems natural and also adds to your branding.

Your investment for this service is a low one-time fee of $200.

3. Advanced blog setup includes integrated blog setup plus blog promotion – we submit your blog to several (about 50 but depends on the subject) blog and RSS feed directories. We add your blog to our MyYahoo and MyMSN accounts also. We also give you links from several of our websites with a fairly good PageRank (some have PR5, some have PR4 etc).

What’s more? We even add your blog to Technorati and some other blog search engines.

This way your blog gets spidered very quickly and gets a good link popularity – it may start ranking on several terms even. Best deal

Your investment for this service is a low one-time fee of $400.

How to order?

Just email me at arun AT ebizindia DOT com with RENTABLOGGER in the subject line and we can get started right away.

Best wishes for some cool new traffic 🙂

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