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Make Your Blog Popular: Submit To RSS Directories

While it is important to submit to blog directories for increasing your link popularity, another important avenue that gets missed easily is RSS directories. Here’s how you can do this easily…

Almost all the blogging systems including Wordpress have an associated RSS feed that gets updated whenever you post to the blog. For Wordpress, the feed can be found at or as the case may be. Now search for RSS directories and you will find quite a large list of good directories.

One such RSS directory is here. You should generally browse to the category that most closely matches the topic of your site and then click on ‘Add your site‘. Enter the required information and submit.

While some of the directories will include your site right away, most of them have human editors who review your site before inclusion. Therefore, it is a waste of time to submit junk sites because they will get rejected anyway.

FREE Blog Setup Offer With 20 Links and 10 Posts

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Michel Fortin Offers Tips on ‘How to make money with blogs’

Michel Fortin made a great post on ‘How to make money with blogs‘, wherein he has summarized some cool ideas about making money with blogs. Here are some of the highlights and take-ways:

  • Don’t blog for money, make money with blogs (go figure)!
  • Anyone can blog and anyone can make money with a blog.
  • Virtually any site can be turned into a blog.

I quote a para from this post which I really loved:

Because the beauty of this process is that people can get a taste of who you are and what you offer (and how people react to you, based on their comments as well as their thoughts expounded on social networking sites when your blog is dugged or’ed), which builds awareness, trust, credibility and, above all, relationships with your subscribers.

Read Michel’s full post here and check out the 7 methods you can make money blogging.

P.S. Michel also uses the Semiologic blogging system 🙂

Optimize Your RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds have become very popular and are an elegant medium to keep the people updated about what’s new. The world is fast moving from a push based information delivery mechanism where you send updates over email to pull-based information delivery, where they access your information when it is convenient for them.

We, at can setup your RSS feeds, update them on regular basis whenever you update your web site and submit these feeds to various RSS feed directories to give them the much needed exposure.

Allow us to setup the RSS feed for your site and promote them, while you enjoy the benefits out of it.

Just get in touch with me at arun @ ebizindia . com (remove spaces) for the services that you require and I will get back with a no-obligation proposal as soon as possible.