Creating a Resume? Why not create a blog instead?

I came across this interesting concept while going through the new book by David Meerman ScottThe New Rules of Viral Marketing. While most of the job seekers are writing the resumes where they are talking about what degrees thay have, the recruiters are looking for real world experiences, domain expertise and are analysing how you can help their organisation.

If you setup a blog where you share your experiences with handling complicated situations, demanding customers, technical challenges and whatever else that matters for your position, your prospective employers will definitely treat you in an entirely different way. You will quickly stand out from the crowd with the polished resumes. Yes, you need to have your resume too but include the vital details and refer prominently to your blog – and see the jobs rain on you. Stop looking for that job and start posting on your blog. The jobs will start looking for you!

If you are at a loss about how to setup that blog, you can contact Rentablogger, the blog setup professionals.

Clickbank gets a blog

Clickbank, a very famous Internet marketplace carrying 100,000+ products for sale and more than 10,000 affiliates promoting them, finally gets a blog. They plan to communicate to the affiliates and customers about the various policies and upcoming things through this blog.

They opted for Wordpress, a highly popular and free blogging platform for this blog. I noticed that they have turned off the ‘URL of the poster’ feature to discourage users who just post comments to get a valuable back link to their own sites. This should help them in cutting down on spammy comments. At the same time, I was surprised to see links to some other blogs and sites from the sidebar. I am not sure if they have linked to them because of their blog quality or any other criteria.

Wordpress blogs upgraded to the latest version for $25

If you have been blogging with Wordpress, you might be aware that Wordpress 2.5 has been released. Seeing the large number of new features, you are drooling to get your blog upgraded to the latest version but do not want to get your hands dirty with all the FTP and other related hassles. Here’s help!

We can upgrade your Wordpress blogs to the latest version (currently version 2.5) for a nominal $25 per blog. We refund 100% of the payment if the blog upgrade cannot be carried out for any reason. You can pay the fee by Paypal to arun AT ebizindia DOT com and send me the FTP information. The blog upgrade will be carried out within 1 business day (much sooner mostly).

Happy blogging!

Need feedback? Blog about it.

You have just released a shiny new widget. Or launched a cool information product. Now you want to know what people think about it. Why not blog about it and invite feedback?

A blog is a cool way to talk about some uncommon uses for your products and increase consumption. Launched a new software that makes cool Flash videos? Why not make a blog post that explains how people can use it to increase their sales or tap new prospects? What do the people think about it? Are they liking it? Do they find a particular option confusing? Have they located a bug?

If you invite people to post comments about their opinion on your shiny new product or service, they may let you know what they find great about it or what needs fixing. Take the feedback openly. It is OK if they have discovered some bugs. As long as you fix the bugs promptly, it is not very bad to have problems. This is the cheapest way to get frank opinion and feedback from the market. Incredibly cheaper than appointing some survey agency to go out and interview users, compile a report and then send to you after may be, months. Try it!

Mark Joyner Offers Free Blogging Course

I’m evaluating a multi-media course on blogging from the folks at Simpleology. For a while, they’re letting you snag it for free if you post about it on your blog.

It covers:

  • The best blogging techniques.
  • How to get traffic to your blog.
  • How to turn your blog into money.

I’ll let you know what I think once I’ve had a chance to check it out. Meanwhile, go grab yours while it’s still free.

How To Add Blogrush To A Wordpress Blog

If you want to add Blogrush to your Wordpress or Semiologic blog and enjoy all the FREE traffic this will bring, please follow the simple instructions here. I am assuming the you have hosted the Wordpress or Semiologic blog on your own doman in the home directory at or or something similar.

1. Visit the Blogrush site and register for a FREE account.

2. Once you have logged in, click on the Get Code button.

3. You will get some Javascript code. It will look like this:

<script type="text/javascript"><!–
blogrush_feed = "13565253";
<script type="text/javascript"

4. Click on the code on the Blogrush site (similar to the code displayed above – DO NOT select this code or I will get the credit) to select it. Copy it to the clipboard by pressing ctrl-C or right click and then choose Copy.

5. Now login to your Wordpress blog. After logging in, click on the Presentation menu and then Widgets under that.

6. You will see a sidebar and a few widgets listed there. Drag and drop the Text1 widget from the bottom pool into the sidebar (any one sidebar if you have multiple sidebars).

7. Now click on the small picture on the Text1 widget. This will make the whole screen gray and a small window pops up. Paste the code you had copied above by pressing ctrl-V or right click and then choose Paste.

8. Click anywhere outside of the text box and you will see the button labeled Save Changes. Click on this button to save your changes.

9. At the top, you will see the blog name and a link in brackets (view site). Click on this to see the Blogrush widget displayed on your site with some posts from other sites.

Bingo! You have done it.

Want Your Blog Featured on Other Blogs? Try Blogrush

John Reese, the master marketer and the guy who had the first of the famous million-dollar launches, has introduced a novel shared blog promotion concept – the Blogrush. This is very simple to implement (I took 1 minute to sign-up to Blogrush and 1 minute to add the Blogrush widget to this blog). Based on the erstwhile ad exchange concept but relying on content exchange instead of ads, this is set to create a big flutter in the blogosphere. Specially with the clout that John Reese enjoys.

Read the full details about Blogrush and then sign-up. It is going to be huge!

Commenting on Other Blogs: Is it ethical? Useful?

Have you felt like posting a comment on someone’s blog because you liked what the blogger was saying (or may be you disagreed)? Or you had a relevant point to make? Comments are what make the blogs truly interactive and much more powerful than a one-way dialog that web sites restrict you to.

You may even be trying to comment to get a link back or to get some visitors. Here are some relevant facts (and feel FREE to comment on this post):

  • If you make a useful comment on someone’s blog, readers may be tempted to visit your website to check you out. Including a relevant site can help you get a few valuable visitors from every comment you make. Well worth the 10 minutes you need to make a thoughtful comment.
  • If your comment is not relevant to the point the blogger is trying to make, it is considered a spamment (OK – that is not a proper English word but why can’t I join the league of those smart fellows who twist regular words to create such funny variations?).
  • You should respect that it is his/her blog and therefore be polite even if you disagree.
  • You should not try to hijack the discussion by posting a comment that takes the discussion in an entirely  different direction.
  • You should put your name in the commenter’s name box and not your keywords. An exception can be allowed in case you are more famous with your nickname but you must not call yourself cheap pills or texas holdem because you are looking for a keyword rich link back.
  • Most of the blog software (specially Wordpress) have a feature called "Nofollow" activated that does not pass any link value to your site from the comment. However some bloggers want to reward the commenters (I do, Michel Fortin does, several other prominent bloggers do) with some link juice and therefor disable the Nofollow feature.
  • Because comments can get some link back benefit (not all search engines discount the nofollow links), there is a huge spam comment industry that uses robotic software to post comments on the blogs. These comments look like "You are correct. I agree" or some such rubbish.This creates a lot of nuisance for the bloggers and I know people who have been so turned off that they have disabled the comments feature on their blogs, killing the whole interaction aspect of the blogs.
  • Bloggers can use plugins like Akismet, Simple Trackback Validator and Hashcash to cut down heavily on the spam comments. However some spam comments will still need to be deleted manually. I prefer to manually approve the comments but if you have heavy commenting, you may like to use "auto-approve and delete the junk later" concept.
  • Your comments may not appear on the live blog immediately if the owner is using comment moderation. Please do not lose patience and post multiple copies of your comment.
  • Some blogs allow the commenter to subscribe to the comments thereby sending them an alert whenever a follow-up comment is posted. You may visit the blog again and see if you have something more to say in response to the new comments.

Overall meaningful comments can make you a welcome visitor to the blog and who knows, you may end up getting so close to the blogger that a Joint Venture may be just around the corner.

Happy commenting!
Arun Agrawal