Testimonials for Blog Setup and Upgrade Service

As you know we setup fresh WordPress blogs as well as upgrade old versions to the latest version. Here are some testimonials received from satisfied clients:

Rentablogger.com has done a great job designing and maintaining our wholesale sunglasses blog.  It has brought in a wide range of visitors that have been interested in this site and has converted to added online sales.  We have been very happy with the improvement we have seen and the service is great! Great job keep up the great work rentablogger.com.

Kirk Bachelder

I was referred to Arun at EbizIndia after spending a great deal of time looking for help on Craigslist, Elance, rentacoder and guru.com.  Arun completely understood the tasks involved.  He asked relevant questions and communicated very well his understanding of the work to be done.   I was surprised Arun presented me a very short estimate of time he would need to finish the work.  At a price that was far more reasonable than any other.  Arun finished the work within hours!  And precisely what I requested.  I will be delighted to send more work to Arun because I can trust the project will be complete.

Thomas P. Mullooly, President
Mullooly Asset Management

Every time I need a wordpress update or semiologic install done, I can count on Ebizindia to have the job completed usually within 24 hours. Questions are answered, suggestions made and solutions found in a very supportive, prompt and knowledgeable way at an affordable price.

Sheila Ellison

I needed 2 sites to be upgraded to the latest version of Semiologic. As I was short of time to learn how to do this, I contacted Arun. A few problems arose during the installation and at one point our main site was down for a couple of days. This was not the fault of Arun and his team though, and credit must be given to them as they stuck to the task until both sites were upgraded and working fully. Often in business the true test comes in times of adversity and I’m happy to say Arun and his team stepped up to the mark on this occasion. I highly recommend their services!

Ray Prince

My WordPress blogs were set up for me fast and problem-free. Leaving me to get on with my business knowing everything would work just fine. Thanks guys – nice job.